Raspberry Pickings

This story I did intend, and it came as my roommates and I were picking local raspberries:

“She had missed out on strawberry picking that year. Despite the ripening of other berries, she swore to remain faithful with the conviction of a self-righteous lover of accessory fruit. But when Mike asked if she wanted to come pick raspberries, she held that conviction like a person starved of summer’s spoils.

The sun endeavored to beat down on her head, but her picking expertise had long since led her to wear a wide-rimmed straw hat, it’s red ribbon swirling at the edge of her vision. Basket pressed to her right hip, and fist pressed to the other, she took in her surroundings; the jagged leaves, the prickly stems, and the false mimics that had yet to reach proper ripeness.

Guilt briefly flooded her heart with each insect’s lunch she stole, but quickly dissipated with the crush of the fruit between her teeth.  Fingers bloodied from one fallen prey, she moved to the next, sure to check the unders and betweens that cursory pickers would ignore.

She briefly wondered why plants such as these had not evolved to drop their thorns when their fruits reached the time to be carried away. As her basket brimmed, so did her mind, with the thoughts of the pastry chef she was soon to become.”

Things I’ve made in the past two weeks:

From Chocolatecoveredkatie.com

  • Red Velvet Pancakes; these were ok, but I was hoping they would come out to be more red.

Red Velvet Pancakes

  • Raspberry Oatmeal: this was amazing and also bright pink

raspberry oatmeal

  • Homemade Pop-Tarts: I made both raspberry and brown sugar-cinnamon. While I can’t be polite about handling the dough, they were quite good.


  • Zucchini French Fries: these were pretty good and easy to make, albeit they did not contain raspberries

zucchini fries

And a photo of the multi-berry shortcakes my roommate made:
Recipes from:

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