Coffee Cake memories

Coffee cake has always been something I’ve associated with childhood, one of the few things I can really remember baking when I was a kid. It’s only other companion is making cookies with my mother and brother. Specifically sour cream coffee cake though, as I found out a couple of years ago when I decided to make one and my mom pointed me to a recipe that included yeast (which was mostly confusing and did not live up to my expectations). I made sure to make the correct kind of cake this week.

Recipe at:

There may or may not be coffee in that mug.

Other things I made this week:
– The bread was put to good use, with the aforementioned grilled cheese: cheddar, a tomato slice, and fresh basil leaves

– Stuffed peppers made with leftovers: diced green bell pepper (top half of pepper), chorizo, and onions sautéed together with some cumin; mixed with grated cheddar and cream cheese, baked in the bottom half of the pepper. Except for the pepper not being quite baked enough, it was really good!

DSC_0352 copy

– A recipe from Pineapple upside-down pancakes (

DSC_1099 copy


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